IAQ Leads

― A growth Program

― A growth Program

Free IAQ Leads

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Our leads for indoor air quality and HVAC businesses are sourced from reputable publications, social media platforms, and syndicated articles. Then, they’re forwarded to the most qualified local contractors.

Sounds good, but what's the catch?

You need to qualify for this program. This means you need to have a great service record, reliable local distribution, use only approved products, be properly trained, and stand behind your work. Once you qualify, our service is completely free.

Why would you offer this for free?

We first got the idea when leads were coming in organically, but they needed somewhere to go. We’ve since discovered low-cost ways of generating even more leads through smart ad campaigns. We make our money from the growth of the IAQ industry as a whole, not through lead generation. It’s truly a win-win scenario for you and us.

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What do these leads look like?

We provide you their contact information, basic details about their home, services they expressed interest in, and the page where the lead was collected. All sent in a simple email! The latter is so you always know what information the customer saw and can better understand their point-of-view.

Ok, I get it. But are the leads any good?

We are constantly improving our process to make sure that they are. Remember, our goal is to drive business and grow the industry. We can’t do that with fake or unqualified leads. PLUS, they are free to you, so it would only hurt us if they aren’t good.

You're still here? Let's break it down.

features and benefits

Active IAQ Leads

Start receiving fresh leads in real-time and stop competing for the same jobs.

Digital Content

Access our entire archive of relevant content for your website and social media.

Local Support

Local reps are available in every market to help you grow or launch your IAQ business.

Training & Updates

Take advantage of our growing collection of online training courses.

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IAQ Leads

― A growth Program

The Growth Program is a suite of resources to help HVAC Contractors generate more business.

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